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The following Pre-Conference Offerings for Relay 2018 will be on Monday, March 26, 2018 in the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University.


ETAP | Rudder Tower 501 | Register

This free technical seminar provides an overview of ETAP’s latest Protection & Coordination modules for design and analysis as well as power distribution Monitoring & Control for operations.

Directional Overcurrent Protection of Wind Power Plant Collector
Challenges and solutions of directional protection of wind farm collectors will be presented and evaluated. Get an insight as to how ETAP StarZ™ – Protection & Coordination module can be utilized to set and analyze directional overcurrent protection of wind power plant collectors.

High-Voltage Arc Flash Analysis

Learn how ETAP ArcFault™ software application is used for calculation and evaluation of the incident energy for electrical for medium to high voltage systems:

  • Open-Air Arc Faults – 1 – 800 kV, NESC C2
  • Arc-in-a-Box – 15 to 36 kV
  • Line-Ground, Line-Line, 3-Phase Arc Faults
  • User-Definable Clearance with TOV
  • Auto Determination of Clearing Time
  • Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation
  • Result Analyzer with Worst-Case Scenario

Power System Monitoring & Control

Monitor overload conditions and system-wide distribution power using eSCADA’s Alarms & Event displays.

  • Integrated front-end processor with native communication drivers
  • Customizable Alarms & Events reports
  • Integrated SMS & e-mail services
  • Thin-client HMIs
  • Interface to ADMS & OMS


GE Grid Solutions  | MSC 2406A  | Register

With IEC61850 process bus gaining popularity, it is time to relook at the age‐old protection, control and monitoring philosophies and how the processes around design, implementation and testing of protection schemes can change from discrete boxes into an era of design of systems and system engineering using technology advancements provided by IEC61850 process bus.  This no-charge seminar will discuss next generation substations and how process bus, digital instrument transformers, and new protection methods will revolutionize substation design and construction.  Evolutionary technologies like process bus easily fit into new substation, but the seminar will also discuss how these technologies can be adopted for retrofit applications.  Seminar topics include review of system architectures, redundancy considerations, network considerations, advanced protection methods, and testing considerations.  The seminar will examine several installed projects using process bus and discuss the motivation and lessons learned of each project.  Lunch will be provided.  Seminar certificates will be provided to attendees.


POWER Grid Engineering | Rudder Tower 701  | Register

Join Power Grid Engineering for a FREE highlight of our Power Systems Training Seminar. The session will focus on the fundamentals of Line Protection including: Physical Characteristics of Transmission Lines, MHO Circle, Theory of Impedence Protection, Zones of Protection, POTT, PUTT DCB & DCUB End-to-End Schemes, Reliability & Security, IEEE Standards.


Schweitzer (SEL) | MSC 2400 | Register

Top SEL technical experts will explain solutions to important challenges engineers will face supporting our modern electric grid. High performance, reliability, security and new innovations will all be highlighted during the complimentary seminar. The afternoon will offer three concurrent breakout sessions on a range of topics.


Siemens | MSC 2405 | Register

Come learn about Innovative Solutions from Siemens for Protection and Control that maximize Reliability and Safety.

10AM  The Fully Digital Station
IEC 61850 from end-to-end complete solution

11AM  Storm Hardening via Digitalization
How did ConEd prepare for the future after Hurricane Sandy?

12PM  Comparting Bus Protection Methods to fit your Unique Needs, Equipment and Budget
Both modern and traditional approaches

1PM   Panel Discussion – Future of Protection Technology
Where are we headed? What is the next generation of protection?

2PM   Adaptive Protection on Modern Applications
Dynamic protection based on changing conditions

3PM   Post Event Analysis
Analyze both miss operations and successful operations

Attendees will receive a training certificate and gift for attending the tutorial, as well as 6 CEU’s for attending the full session.  Refreshments and lunch provided.


SynchroGrid | Rudder Tower 410 | Register

This class provides an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial to develop settings for an SEL-421 relay as well as how to perform the required coordination studies for NERC PRC-027-1 compliance. Use of ASPEN for fault simulations as well as modern advances in automating these processes will also be presented. A FREE calculation sheet and automated setting philosophy template will be provided.