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2018 Papers and Presentations

Monday, March 26

Pre-Conference Tutorials

New Relaying Application Guides from the IEEE PES Power System Relaying and Control (PSRC) Committee

What’s New in C37.113-2015, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Transmission Lines (Paper) (Presentation)
Gustavo Brunello, GE Grid Solutions

Summary of Revision, IEEE C37.119-2016, Guide for Breaker Failure Protection of Power Circuit Breakers (Presentation)
Kevin Donahoe, GE Power

Considerations in Choosing Directional Polarizing Methods for Ground Overcurrent Elements (Presentation)
Meyer Kao, Patterson Power Engineers

Ethics in Engineering Practice (Presentation)
Don Russell


Tuesday, March 27

General Session

Life Cycle Experiences with Micro-processor Based Relays and Roadmap to Sustainability (Paper) (Presentation)
Yujie Yin, Quanta Technology, LLC

Optimizing HV Capacitor Bank Design, Protection, and Testing (Paper) (Presentation)
Benton Vandiver III, ABB Inc.

Beyond the Knee Point: A Practical Guide to CT Saturation (Paper) (Presentation)
Ariana Hargrave, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Automated Approach to Generate Customized Reports Based on Relay Setting Files Stored in a Database (Paper) (Presentation)
Ahsan Mirza, SDG&E
Saman Alaeddini, Quanta Technology, LLC

New Protection Scheme for Type 4 Wind Turbines (Paper) (Presentation)
Normann Fischer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Site Acceptance Testing of a Duke Energy Distribution Automation Project Utiliziing a Simulation Based Test Approach (Paper) (Presentation)
Robert Wang, OMICRON


Transmission Session I

CCVT Failures and Their Effects on Distance Relays (Paper) (Presentation)
Derrick Haas, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Accurate and Economical Traveling-Wave Fault Locating Without Communications (Paper) (Presentation)
Yajian Tong, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Protection Challenges for Transmission Lines with Long Taps (Paper) (Presentation)
Matt Jones, American Transmission Company
Jenny Patten, Quanta Technology

Cost Benefit Analysis of Faster Transmission System Protection Systems (Paper) (Presentation)
Brian Ehsani, Black & Veatch

An Innovative and Automated Solution for PRC-027 Compliance (Paper) (Presentation)
Joe Perez, SynchroGrid
Casey Thomas, East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Locating Faults Before the Breaker Opens – Adaptive Autoreclosing Based on the Location of the Fault (Paper) (Presentation)
Titiksha Joshi, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Substation Session I

Relay Logic Programming Examined (Paper) (Presentation)
Dinesh Baradi, ABB Inc.

Multi-Range Signal Oscillation Detection – Concepts and Applications (Paper) (Presentation)
Mark Adamiak, GE Grid Solutions

Redundant Bus Protection Using High-Impedance Differential Relays (Paper) (Presentation)
Josh LaBlanc, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

High-Impedance Differential Applications With Mismatched CTs (Paper) (Presentation)
Michael Thompson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Circuit Breaker Ratings – A Primer for Protection Engineers (Paper) (Presentation)
Bogdan Kasztenny, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Advantages of Comprehensive Monitoring for Critical Circuit Breakers (Paper) (Presentation)
Terrence Smith, GE Grid Solutions


Distribution Session

Fault Location System for Radial MV Underground Distribution  Cable Networks (Paper) (Presentation)
Lifeng Yang, ABB Inc.

Impact of Incipient Faults on Sensitive Protection (Paper) (Presentation)
Ilia Voloh, GE Grid Solutions

Communications Assisted Islanding Detection (Paper) (Presentation)
Craig Palmer, Hubbell Power Systems/RFL

Who Has the 32? (Paper) (Presentation)
R. Benjamin Kazimier, Basler Electric

Tutorial on High Impedance Fault Detection (Paper) (Presentation)
JC Theron, GE Grid Solutions

Directional Element Design for Protecting Circuits with Capacitive Fault and Load Currents (Paper) (Presentation)
Karl Smith, ABB
Mike Benitez, EPSII


Generation Session

Setting and Verification of Generation Protection to Meet NERC Reliability Standards (Paper) (Presentation)
Tom Ernst, GE Grid Solutions

An Introduction to Completing a NERC PRC-019 Study (Paper) (Presentation)
Matthew Manley, POWER Engineers

Generator Third-Harmonic Protection Explained (Paper) (Presentation)
Ritwik Chowdhury, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

A Novel Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitoring Technique (Paper) (Presentation)
Matt Proctor, GE Grid Solutions

Protection for Sub Synchronous Torsional Interaction (SSTI) Conditions Using an Industrial Sub-harmonic Relay (Paper) (Presentation)
Rene Midence, ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd.

Using the Multi-Loop Fault Analysis Method for Setting and Evaluating Generator Protection Elements (Paper) (Presentation)
Ritwik Chowdhury, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Wednesday, March 28

General Session

Real World Event: Hurricane Harvey (Presentation)
Bret Burford, AEP

Evaluation of 13kV Dry-Type Shunt Reactor Protection Following Near-Miss (Paper) (Presentation)
Gary Kobet, Tennessee Valley Authority


Real World Session

Simplicity in Relay Protection System design; Is It Still a Valid Element? (Paper) (Presentation)
Eduardo Colmenares, ABB Inc.

Back to the Basics – Event Analysis Using Symmetrical Components (Paper) (Presentation)
Amanvir Sudan, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Line Current Differential Relay Response to a Direct Lightning Strike on a Phase Conductor (Paper) (Presentation)
Matt Boecker, Lower Colorado River Authority
Normann Fischer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

The Mystery of the Phantom Current (Presentation)
Joe Perez, SynchroGrid

Real World Event: Del Rio Area Hail Storm of February 2016 (Presentation)
Bret Burford, AEP

Use of Advanced Monitoring Technology to Detect Incipient Failure of Line Equipment (Presentation)
Victor Thompson, Concho Valley Electric Cooperative
Carl Benner, Texas A&M University


Communications Session I

Case Studies in Facility Wide Time Synchronization (Paper) (Presentation)
Terrence Smith, GE Grid Solutions

Learn IEC 61850 Configuration in 30 Minutes (Paper) (Presentation)
Wei Huang, ABB Inc.

Teleprotection with MPLS Ethernet Communications – Development and Testing of Practical Installations (Paper) (Presentation)
Tariq Rahman, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Eric A. Udren, Quanta Technology, LLC

Deterministic Communications for Protection Applications Over Packet-Based Wide-Area Networks (Paper) (Presentation)
Paul Robertson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Sharing Direct Fiber Channels Between Protection and Enterprise Applications Using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (Paper) (Presentation)
Normann Fischer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Automatic Multi-Vendor IED Fault Data Collection and Analysis Solution (Paper) (Presentation)
Derrick Mack, SUBNET Solutions Inc


Testing and Troubleshooting Session

Comparing Protective Relaying Test Philosophies and Methods Adopted by Different Utilities (Paper) (Presentation)
Varun Chauhan, Power Grid Engineering LLC

Substation Testing and Commissioning: Power Transformer Through Fault Test (Paper) (Presentation)
Morteza Talebi, Power Grid Engineering LLC

Performance Analysis of Distance Protection Using Different Impedance Calculation Methods (Paper) (Presentation)
Vijay Shanmughasundaram, Power Grid Engineering LLC
Mohit Sharma, Megger

Correlating Protective Relay Reports for System-Wide, Post Event Analysis (Paper) (Presentation)
John Town, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Safety And Its Importance In Protective Relaying (Paper) (Presentation)
Steve Turner, Electrical Consultants, Inc.

The Six Ways to Ensure Improper Operation of Microprocessor Relays (Paper) (Presentation)
Kevin Donahoe, GE Power


Substation Session II

Experience with a Digital Substation Pilot in North America (Paper) (Presentation)
Mike Ramlachan, GE Grid Solutions

Solving Old Problems with New Technology – Monitor and Measure GIC and OPD Currents (Paper) (Presentation)
Mark Adamiak, GE Grid Solutions

Fast Fault Detection Challenge for Alienation Coefficient Based Bus Fault Discriminator (Paper) (Presentation)
Monir Hossain, University of New Orleans

Integration of Electrical Data and Transformer Gas Analysis for Full Asset Monitoring (Paper) (Presentation)
Terrence Smith, GE Grid Solutions

Adaptive Protection – What Does It Mean And What Can It Do? (Paper) (Presentation)
Roy Moxley, Siemens

Phase-Shifting Transformer Control and Protection Settings Verification (Paper) (Presentation)
Bill Cook, San Diego Gas and Electric
Kamal Garg, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc


Industrial Session

Electromagnetic Torque From Event Report Data – A Measure of Machine Performance (Paper) (Presentation)
Derrick Haas, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Motor Thermal Capacity Used – How Does Relay Know When 100% is Reached? (Paper) (Presentation)
Tom Ernst, GE Grid Solutions

Applying Intelligent Fast Load Shed Using IEC 61850 GOOSE (Paper) (Presentation)
JC Theron, GE Grid Solutions

Application of Undervoltage Protection to Critical Motors (Paper) (Presentation)
Matt Proctor, GE Grid Solutions

Time-Domain Elements Optimize the Security and Performance of Transformer Protection (Paper) (Presentation)
Michael Thompson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Using Protective Relays for Microgrid Controls (Paper) (Presentation)
William Edwards, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Thursday, March 29

Transmission Session II

Travelling Wave Fault Locator (TWFL) Technology Applied to HVDC Transmission Line (Paper) (Presentation)
Ilia Voloh, GE Grid Solutions

Distance Protection: Why Have We Started With a Circle, Does It Matter, and What Else Is Out There? (Paper) (Presentation)
Bogdan Kasztenny, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Analyzing Faulted Transmission Lines: Phase Components as an Alternative to Symmetrical Components (Paper) (Presentation)
Amol Kathe, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Method of Capacitor Failure Detection and Location in Shunt Capacitor Banks (Paper) (Presentation)
Ilia Voloh, GE Grid Solutions

New Design of Directional Ground Fault Protection 67N (Paper) (Presentation)
Jörg Blumschein, SIEMENS, Germany


Communications Session II

The Return of the Dedicated DFR – How IEC 61850 Process Bus Simplified DFR Installation (Paper) (Presentation)
JC Theron, GE Grid Solutions

Standardizing Engineered Protection Systems with Flexible Naming Extensions (Paper) (Presentation)
Benton Vandiver III, ABB Inc.

Expanding Protection and Control Communications Networks With Wireless Radio Links (Paper) (Presentation)
Tom Bartman, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Cyber Security – Securing the Protection and Control Relay Communication in Substation (Paper) (Presentation)
Jay Vellore, ABB Inc.

Continuous Automated Analysis of Protection Scheme Communications Leads to Improved Reliability and Performance (Paper) (Presentation)
Brian Waldron, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

GPS and GLONASS Constellations for Better Time (Paper) (Presentation)
Synchronizing Reliability
Mike Ramlachan, GE Grid Solutions