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2017 PowerPoint Presentations


Tuesday, April 4 | General Session

Protection Challenges for North America’s First Combined Cable/Overhead Double-Circuit 500 kV Transmission Line With Mutual Coupling

Entergy’s Record Flooding Across Our Grid

Life Cycle Considerations for Microprocessor Relays

Real-Time Circuit Breaker Health Diagnostics

Novel Approach to Relay Setting Development

Tuesday, April 4 | Distribution Session

Advanced Monitoring Tools to Improve Distribution System Visibility and Reduce Faults and Outages

Implementing a Microgrid Using Standard Utility Control Equipment

Apply a Wireless Line Sensor System to Enhance Distribution Protection Schemes

Predicting the Prospective Fault Level on Distribution Grids and Its Impact on Protective Relaying

The Necessity and Challenges of Modeling and Coordinating Microprocessor Based Thermal Overload Functions for Device Protection

Utility Implements Communications-Assisted Special Protection and Control Schemes for Distribution Substations

Tuesday, April 4 | Generation Session

Catastrophic Relay Misoperations and Successful Relay Operation

Protection Issues Related to Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) Units

Open Phase Detection for Power Transformers Using VT Triggered Optical CTs and IEC 61850-9.2LE Compliant Relays

Generator Motoring Protection – Are You Protected?

Advanced Generator Protection and Monitoring Using Transducer Measurements

Implementation and Field Experience of Redundant 100% Generator Stator Ground Fault Protection

Tuesday, April 4 | Substation Session

Enhanced Fault Location Method for Shunt Capacitor Banks

Lessons Learned in Static VAR Compensator Protection

Methods and Benefits to the Application of Ultra-High-Speed Transformer Protection

Transformer Tank Rupture – A Protection Engineer’s Challenge

Beyond the Nameplate – Selecting Transformer Compensation Settings for Secure Differential Protection

A Novel Method for Turn to Turn Fault Detection in Shunt Reactors

Tuesday, April 4 | Cybersecurity Session

Ukraine Cyber-Induced Power Outage: Analysis and Practical Mitigation Strategies

Securing IEDs Against Cyber Threats in Critical Substation Automation and Industrial Control Systems

Cyber Security – Security Strategy for Distribution Management System and Security Architecture Considerations

Wednesday, April 5 | General Session

Transmission Interconnection: Lessons Learned from a Recent Event at an Acquired Generating Plant

Fault Coverage of Memory Polarized Mho Elements with Time Delays

Wednesday, April 5 | Real World Experiences

A Current Story – When Primary Met Secondary

Microprocessor Relay Directional Change During Current Reversal

Fault and Outage Avoided through Proactive Detection of Distribution Conductor on Wooden Crossarm, Using DFA Technology

What Time is it? GPS Clocks, Leap Seconds, and the Impact on Synchrophasor Data

Voltage Potential Device Impact on Negative Sequence Directionality

Out of Step Strikes Again

Wednesday, April 5 | Testing Session

Injected Waveforms and Their Effect on Protection Element Response

Commission Testing Methods for Protection Systems

If You Cannot Test It, You Cannot Use It – IEC 61850 GOOSE System Designed With Testing in Mind

A Practical Guide of Troubleshooting IEC 61850 GOOSE Communication

Commissioning Process and Acceptance Testing of a Sub- Harmonic Protection Relay

Hard to Find Maintenance Tips for Electromechanical Relays

Wednesday, April 5 | Transmission Session

Summary Paper for C37.243 IEEE Guide for Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital Communication

Considerations in Choosing Directional Polarizing Methods for Ground Overcurrent Elements in Line Protection Applications

Performance Comparison Between Mho Elements and Incremental Quantity-Based Distance Elements

Adaptive Autoreclosure to Increase System Stability and Reduce Stress to Circuit Breakers

Evaluating the Impact of Increasing System Fault Currents on Protection

Using Superimposed Principles (Delta) in Protection Techniques in an Increasingly Challenging Power Network

Wednesday, April 5 | Communications Session

The Advantages of Continuous Monitoring of Power Line Carrier (PLC) Channels Applied with Protection Systems

Case Study: Protective Relaying over IP/MPLS Myth to Facts

Micro Processor Based Advanced Bus Protection Scheme Using IEC 61850 Process Bus (9-2) Sampled Values

Case Study/Overview of Applying an IEC 61850 Parallel Redundant Protocol Communications Network on a University Campus Power Distribution and Generating System

Teleprotection Solutions with Guaranteed Performance Using Packet Switched Wide Area Communication Networks

Implementing a Modern, Secure Relay Integration Solution with your Existing IEDs

Wednesday, April 5 | Bus Protection Session

Bus Protection Fundamentals

Unrestrained Low-Impedance Bus Differential – Should I Use It?

Bus Protection Application Challenges

High-Speed Reclosing, Switching Surges, and Bus Differential Protection Security – A Case Study

Thursday, April 6| General Session

New Smart Multi-Ended Line Current Differential Solution for Power Networks

New Possibilities for Testing Travelling Wave Fault Location Functions in the Field

Breaking Paradigms in Control Building Design A

Breaking Paradigms in Control Building Design B

Integrating Synchrophasors and Oscillography for Wide-Area Power System Analysis

Understanding Design, Installation, and Testing Methods That Promote Substation IED Resiliency for High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Events

Choose Simplicity for a Better Digital Substation Design

Thursday, April 6| Industrial Session

Negative-Sequence Overcurrent Considerations for Induction Motor Loads

Considerations for Implementing a Zone-Selective Interlocking Scheme on Medium and Low Voltage Systems

Improved Industrial Plant Reliability and Safety Enabled by Real-Time Distribution Circuit Diagnostics

Lessons Learned from NERC CIP Applied to Industrial Facilities

Continuous Monitoring in Electrical Assets to Predict Thermal Incidents