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2013 PowerPoint Presentations

Tuesday, April 9 – Opening Session

NERC Standards Overview Panel Discussion

Distribution Session

All Distribution Session Presentations
This includes: “Protection Issues and Solutions for Protecting Feeders with Distributed Generation,” “Open Phase Conditions in Transformers Analysis and PRotection Algorithm,” “Upgrading Relay Protection? – Be Prepared,” “Protecting Distribution Substation Assets – Modern Protection Schemes With Microprocessor-Based Relays,” “Application of a Multifunctional Distance Protective IED in a 15KV Distribution Network,” and “Distributed Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration Technique for Smart Distribution System.”

Transmission Session

All Transmission Session Presentations
This includes: “Sizing Current Transformers for Line Protection Applications,” “Review of Application of Ground Distance Protection,” “Application of Distance and Current Differential Relays for a Three Terminal Line in the Entergy System,” “Understanding the Challenges and Application of Auto Reclosing in Multi-Breaker HV Line Terminals,” “Using Symmetrical Components for Internal/External Fault Discrimination in Differential Protection Schemes,” and “Series Compensation, Power Savings, and Inverter-Based Sources and Their Impact on Line Current Differential Protection.”

Industrial Session

All Tuesday Industrial Session Presentations
This includes: “Using Rogowski Coils Inside Protective Relays,” “Protections to Consider with Automatic Bus Transfer Scheme,” and “Arc Flash and Electrical Safety.”

Wednesday, April 10 – Morning Session

All Wednesday Morning Presentations
This includes: “Effect of Transformer Connection and Construction on Single Phasing Detection,” “Creating a Sustainable Protective Relay Asset Strategy,” and the Real World Experiences.

Industrial Session

All Wednesday Industrial Session Presentations
This includes: “A Novel Approach for Arc-Flash Detection and Mitigation: At the Speed of Light and Sound,” “Integrated Synchronous Motor Protection and Control,” “Detection of Incipient Equipment-Failure Signatures,” “Challenges and Solutions of Protecting Variable Speed Drive Motors,” “Reducing Tripping Times in Medium Voltage Switchgear,” and “Practical Considerations of Applying IEC61850 GOOSE Based Zone Selective Interlocking Scheme in Industrial Applications.”

Communications Session

All Wednesday Communications Session Presentations
This includes: “Analysis of Protection Scheme Dependencies on Communications,” “Engineering Your Substation Network for Protective Relaying, Automation and SCADA,” “Standards Based Engineering of Protection Schemes and Systems,” “An Overview of the New IEC6185- Synchrophasor Publish-Subscribe Profile,” “Standard Profile for Use of IEEE Std 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Power System Applications,” and “Station Integration for Reduced Costs and Improved Operation Efficiency.”

Testing Session

All Wednesday Testing Session Presentations
This includes: “Trust in a Digital World -Examples of Why We Still Test,” “Case Study in Improving Protection System Reliability With Automatic NERC PRC-005 Inspection, Testing, Reporting, and Auditing,” “End-to-End Testing Transmission Line Protection Schemes and Double-Ended Fault Locators,” “Engineer It First – Before You Test It,” “Case Studies: Designing Protection Systems That Minimize Potential Hidden Failures,” and “A Practical Approach to Line Current Differential Testing.”

Thursday, April 11 – Generator Session

All Thursday Generator Session Presentations
This includes: “Generator Stator Protection,” “100% Stator Ground Fault Detection Implementation at the Hibbard Energy Center,” “Comprehensive Testing Considerations for Generator Protection Systems,” “Adding Shaft Angle Measurement to Generator Protection and Monitoring,” and “Generator Protection: Differential and Split Phase for Machine with Three Windings per Phase.”

Substation Session

All Thursday Substation Session Presentations
This includes: “Protective Relaying Challenges Faced During “CONTROL CUBICLE REPLACEMENT” Project,” “Practical EHV Reactor Protection,” “Realistic Testing of Power Swing Blocking and Out-of-Step Tripping Functions,” “Ferroresonance Phenomenon in CFE System, Its Origin and Effects,” and “Inrush Currents and Their Effect on Protective Relays.”